My Square Dance Journey

After my husband passed, my eight year-old son and I moved to a different city, closer to where I worked. Over one of the most popular/busy streets was a billboard announcing, “Learn to Square Dance.” My son said, “Mom, you really should do that! You need to start having fun in your life!” I was surprised and then remembered how we did square dancing while in middle school, inside the gym, when it was winter and too cold go outside. Square dancing became the highlight of my new life as a single parent. And wow! I danced every week in classes (even took two classes to learn faster) and went to weekly dances when I became more proficient. Great physical exercise and mental stimulation at the same time! My body felt great moving/exercising to different square dancing configurations and calls from a variety of Callers.

But…that’s the dancing part. Not only was it fabulous learning how to dance, but it was also wonderful to have an amazing dancing community of people who actually became good friends. I was invited to join folks for light dinners before class and also to have dessert or drinks after dancing. Some of us attend other social and cultural events together such as visiting a museum, volunteering at cultural or social events, and even traveling together….Through square dancing not only do I get good exercise but also have made life-long friends. Over my many years of dancing, the square dancing community has contributed to my psychological, emotional, and social well-being and is, in fact, a “family” away from home.” Square dancers continually demonstrate empathy, caring, trust, and supportiveness. I can always count on my family of square dancing friends!! Square dancing is indeed, “friendship set to music!” PB