History & Purpose of ASQD

Square dance leaders organized clubs into associations in order to promote the interchange of callers, dancers, and ideas. It also encouraged friendliness between the square dancers and attracted more people to the activity.

Originally, square dancing was run by callers. Public officials seeing crowded halls night after night became concerned their facilities were being used for personal profit. They decided that square dancing must go or the rent for the halls would have to be comparable to that charged to commercial enterprises. So, the nonprofit club was born. This type of club was then eligible to obtain public facilities free or for a discounted fee.

The Associated Square Dancers of Southern California (ASQD) was formed in June, 1948 and was incorporated as a nonprofit organization authorized to operate throughout the State of California. The purpose of ASQD is to promote traditional American Square and Round dancing as a fun and healthful recreation, to provide leadership and direction for its members, and to collect and disseminate information regarding square and round dancing. ASQD is square dancing’s parent organization for local southern California clubs.

ASQD provides dancer insurance and marketing support to member clubs. We convey current tax information to help clubs maintain tax exempt status with the IRS and FTB. ASQD publishes a quarterly newsletter and provides opportunities to interact with dancers across our region and the country. We sponsor four dances a year. The Student Stomp and the Spring Fling are geared for new dancers. The Sweetheart Ball and our Anniversary Dance welcome all dancers. We hold monthly district and Board of Director meetings as well as quarterly general meetings. Meetings are held to discuss the promotion of square and round dancing, create an interchange of ideas and share methods of improving the activity. Members of ASQD are proud of our contributions to square and round dancing management.