How to Change Your Life in Twelve Weeks

Attending a square dance class changed my life ten years ago.

It may sound simple, but when I started to square dance, there were a lot of professional changes occurring in my life and during that challenging period, a friend of mine invited me to attend a square dance class.  I went to one class and thought it was fun; after all, there was music, laughter and lots of friendly faces.  So, what the heck, I went the following week.  I haven’t stopped since.  Simple? Yes.  I have met so many amazing people and have maintained these relationships over the years.  Simple?  Yes.  Just go to a square dance class and see for yourself.  Whatever may be troubling you, square dancing will distract your attention to this incredible activity that’s filled with a common interest:  happiness.  Music, dancing and meeting new people and there’s food too! Square dance clubs also have other activities where together we attend plays, attend taping of TV shows and so much more.

My continued engagement with square dancing has taken me on a further journey to become a district director where I facilitate monthly meetings with club representatives to discuss how to help each other and to share ideas.  I have also become a co-president of a square dance club.  Lots of stuff to do!  So much pleasure.

Square dancing.  Simple but fabulous.  Come join us.

Linda, Valley Trailers Square Dance Club